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What to do when you're injured at work in Florida

If you sustain an injury at work in Florida, then you have certain rights to medical treatment and other benefits while you recover from your injuries. To remain eligible for these benefits you must perform certain actions. Your responsibilities are just as important as those of your employer and the workers' compensation board. Complying with your responsibilities can be confusing and difficult when you're injured. Treasure Coast Legal, assists clients with all aspects of workers' compensation in Florida. Contact a Stuart personal injury attorney to learn more about how to file for benefits or to bring an action against an employer who failed to fulfill his or her responsibilities to you.

Filing a workers' compensation claim is complicated.  The penalties for errors are similar to those you might encounter in court, and too many mistakes may damage your claim.  An attorney is an important partner that you should obtain to handle the process.  If your employer fails to fulfill the requirements under Florida's workers' compensation law, then an attorney can explain your options and lead you in the appropriate direction.  You should definitely contact one of our workers' compensation attorneys if any of the below occurs in your workers' compensation claim:

  • If your employer fails to provide the lawful amount of choices for your medical care
  • If your employer fails to report the injury within seven days
  • If your employer fails to pay for medical treatment
  • If you require assistance with paperwork for benefits
  • If you need help showing medical evidence
  • If you need representation at a workers' compensation hearing
  • If you need representation to appeal a denial of workers' compensation

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